While the Kardashians are not the most admirable family, there is something you can learn from them: how to cultivate killer social media skills.
With tens of millions of followers each, it’s a fact that E!’s first family knows how to make social media work for them. 

1.  Talk to your fans. They may have millions of followers, but that doesn’t stop them from interacting. Not only do they constantly retweet their fans, they respond and reward them with surprise visits and products. Kim even tweeted one of her biggest fans after she created a blog about the family. Show your followers you care by interacting with them. Whether they have a complaint or compliment, take the time to craft a response, especially when they are asking for one.


2.  Silence is golden. Sometimes: The stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are great at controlling a conversation; they know when to jump in and when to let it evolve on its own. If people are talking about your brand and you want to change the dialogue, jump in, squash the rumors, steer the conversation, and do whatever you need to do to get your message across. 

Don’t be defensive, that will only make things worse, which is something the Kardashians learned along the way. If you’re not sure when to take the wheel and when to let it spin out of control, check out their posts during times when the family was being particularly scrutinized, like Rob and Blac Chyna’s engagement announcement, which Kris and the girls found out about through social media. There was radio silence for a while on that one because nothing they could have said would have made the situation any better.
3.  Be consistent. The members of the Kardashian clan never miss a beat when it comes to social media. They post regularly, making sure the public always has a reason to talk about them. Keep your brand in the conversation by posting consistently. That doesn’t mean you have to be online all the time; plan your posts with MySocialSuite’s scheduling tool.
4.  Show some skin. OK, don’t actually get naked for your Facebook page. But that is how Kim broke the internet. How can you utilize this strategy for your business without stripping down? 

5. Get personal. Feel free to use your social media accounts to reveal something about yourself or your brand. Research shows that people prefer a brand they feel a connection to, and the easiest way to connect with people is by opening up. 

Khloe Kardashian is very big on this; she’s posted about her ex Lamar Odom multiple times, and her fans clearly appreciate her openness—just look at how many likes this Facebook post got:

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